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Latest News
» August 08, 2008
All new sales are temporary down. Existing IGFly customers have full access to downloads.

» March 20, 2008
DBS Studio products such as Walk&Follow, VarView and ProfileRadar are now sold and supported at DBS own website

» November 18, 2006
DBS VarView version 2 released. Now compatible with FSX and costs only $29.95! All customers who purchased v.1 may freely upgrade to a new version.

» March 12, 2006
Flugsimulation.com released a review of Walk&Follow addon. Click here to read it in German.

» December 29, 2005
New BETA version of CockpitWalk module is available for download in our forum. This version has now a configurable middle button (to fix incompatibility with RealityXP) and should be fixing dissapearing menu problem.




Welcome to IGFly, Guest! [Login here]

Tu-154M Installer v2.1 (includes all updates)
Includes all updates

Update any previous version to v1.31 11.07.2004 *Outdated*
Fixed flight dynamics
Fuel system algorithm fixed. No longer it is required to start fuel pumps when using auto fuel consumption mode.
Engine lights indicators changed
APK algorithm updated to be closer to real one
ADF Radio deviation (chaotic vibrations of gauges pointers) within 1.5 degrees was added. Tooltips still show exact value
Fixed engine rpm values on the engineer panel
Updated 'PDA works' (three blue lights) to turn on when engine started in the air
Fixed wrong values of Elevator position when elevator trimmer set to maximum value and yoke pulled.
Updated text of the 'custom panel not loaded' warning
Fixed a bug when [fltsim.xx] sections of aircraft.cfg didn't follow each other
Some tool tips changed: 'Approach Main Switch' and 'NAV Modes Main Switch'
Fixed autopilot modes to work with time acceleration of up to 2x. There still maybe troubles with 4x acceleration and higher.
Taxi Light Fixed
More detailed Wing Views

Update 1.3 08/07/2004
Attempt to fix 'Unable to turn on NVU' bug
Two new variables added to Panel.cfg: StickOverrideBank and StickOverridePitch. Default value is 1. When set 0 disable automatic autopilot turn off when forced by joystick
Fixed active queue lights of automatic fuel consumption mode
OBS is no longer depends on KURS-MP and RSBN (NAV1 and NAV2)
Updated Automatic System Control and Trajectory Control System indication
Updated plane dynamics to be more close to real aircraft balancing characteristics
Elevator Loader mode indication lights algorithm updated
Elevator Loader simulation updated to be real close to original aircraft
Updated flight dynamics ground effect to be closer to original aircraft

Update v2.0 to v2.1 23.10.2004
Fixed ADF (APK) bug


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