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Latest News
» August 08, 2008
All new sales are temporary down. Existing IGFly customers have full access to downloads.

» March 20, 2008
DBS Studio products such as Walk&Follow, VarView and ProfileRadar are now sold and supported at DBS own website

» November 18, 2006
DBS VarView version 2 released. Now compatible with FSX and costs only $29.95! All customers who purchased v.1 may freely upgrade to a new version.

» March 12, 2006
Flugsimulation.com released a review of Walk&Follow addon. Click here to read it in German.

» December 29, 2005
New BETA version of CockpitWalk module is available for download in our forum. This version has now a configurable middle button (to fix incompatibility with RealityXP) and should be fixing dissapearing menu problem.




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IGFly Tu-154M Testimonials

"I've got to say, the more I fly this bird the more I am amazed

The attention to detail is incredible! Plus, your support of the product is unbelievable. The package has been out only 6 or 7 days and you have released 13 additonal liveries and 2 service updates to address minor problems. Do you guys ever sleep?

I'll be honest and tell you I debated on wether to buy this package initially or not. Pretty stiff price But, I can tell you, after buying and using your add-on and experiencing the support you are providing, it is worth all you are asking and more.

Thanks for a very fine package."

George Stoddard,
United States

"The plane is a dream to hand fly, got such a smooth feel to it, like you flying a heavy, a wonderful airfile.

The AP is wonderful once you get the hang of it , it works great!.... And the loc capture is soo nice, not violent at all and began a nice smooth turn towards to loc and did overshoot one bit...

I would love to have a working NVU because I use the CIVA INS all the time and I would love to learn the NVU.. but still it was well worth the money..


Dennis Di Franco,

"A truely magnificient aircraft interior and exterior.This is one of the best FS9 aicraft add-ons. This is a must have for every pilot who wants more than a glass cockpit where everything is automatic.

Last but not least true customer-oriented developers.

Long live IGFLY,Long Live the TU-154M"

Yves Lefevre (BELGIUM)
aka Wulfgar

"The TU-154 is a eastern FS dream come true. There are some out there but non getting close to this product. Now i can only hope for the TU-134 beeing build by these guys"


This is DEFINITELY THE BEST airliner simulation so far!!!

Everything works beautifully for me. On my first take-off I was astounded by the realism.

Your positive attitude to your customers indicates your passion for what you are doing, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.

Best wishes to your Team,
Colin Turner,
United Kingdom


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