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Latest News
» August 08, 2008
All new sales are temporary down. Existing IGFly customers have full access to downloads.

» March 20, 2008
DBS Studio products such as Walk&Follow, VarView and ProfileRadar are now sold and supported at DBS own website

» November 18, 2006
DBS VarView version 2 released. Now compatible with FSX and costs only $29.95! All customers who purchased v.1 may freely upgrade to a new version.

» March 12, 2006
Flugsimulation.com released a review of Walk&Follow addon. Click here to read it in German.

» December 29, 2005
New BETA version of CockpitWalk module is available for download in our forum. This version has now a configurable middle button (to fix incompatibility with RealityXP) and should be fixing dissapearing menu problem.




Welcome to IGFly, Guest! [Login here]

Tu-154M Features Highlight
  • Realistic flight dynamics tested with real Tu-154M pilots
  • Realistic fuel distiribution system
  • User friendly cockpit with advanced features and english tool tips (resolution up to 1600x1200)
  • Advanced Autopilot
  • High resolution model optimized for exceptional FPS rate
  • Unique surround sound system
  • Tu-154M Features

    Autopilot Features

  • Fully independent bank and pitch stabilization
  • Fully independent bank and pitch control with ability to specify values
  • Indicated airspeed and M value stabilization by pitch - M and V modes
  • Flight mode specified by course - 3K
  • Flight mode specified by VOR1 - A3I
  • Follow by course mode (NVU) with ability to choose automatic or manual transition to a waypoint
  • Automatic approach by ILS signals from NAV1 and NAV1 radio
  • RSBN (A3II mode) - VOR2 radial hold, ORBITA (clockwise and counter clockwise flight by circle of specified radius around beacon with indication when equal to specified radial), SRP (flight to a waypoint specified by distance and direction from beacon)
  • Realistic automatic throttle system
  • Automatic stabilization modes turn off when forced by controller (joystick), independent for bank and pitch.
  • Automatic throttle system deactivation when forced by manual throttle.
  • One button deactivation of all ABSU modes, includes automatic throttle system.
  • YXOD mode - Automatic "go around" mode when using automatic approach, turned on by setting throttle to "take off" mode.
  • ABSU power-assisted control. Fully integrated into aircraft hydraulic system.
  • Flight director mode works in all autopilot modes.
  • ABSU test on flight engineer panel.
  • Autopilot modes are in compliance with real aircraft modes as it possible to in MSFS.

    Warning System

  • Realistic lights and sound warning of instruments and systems failures.
  • Co-pilot callouts on landing altitude, take off/landing speed, gear and flaps position.
  • GPWS system.

    Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI/PNP)

  • Multimode. HSI located at co-pilot panel in real aircraft.


  • Taxi, landing lights release/retraction.
  • Inflight signal lights.

    Fuel Distribution System

  • 6 fuel tanks as on real aircraft.
  • Automatic/manual control of consumption system.
  • Fuel quantity equalizer system.
  • Crossfeed fuel distribution system.
  • Fuel quantity gauges with test option.
  • Pump turn on/off and pump modes signaling system
  • Fuel distribution system in compliance with real aircraft system.


  • Different start up procedures for on-ground and in-flight modes.
  • Full engine monitoring system.
  • In-Flight engine autorotation with ability to charge generators and hydro system's pumps.
  • Temperature dependant engine thrust.
  • Realistic APU fuel consumption.
  • Hydraulic pump on APU startup.
  • Air bleed system.

    Electrical System

  • Main power supply sources: batteries, APU generator, engine generators, external airport power supply.
  • Airport on-ground independent power supply.
  • All electric circuits indicators: 27/36/115V
  • All main power supply source indicators
  • Realistic batteries behavior. Batteries state depends on the right commutation at electrical panel.


  • Hydraulic system takes power from main engines or APU by default.
  • Ability to use electric pumps for pumped-hydroelectric storage.
  • Ability to use In-Flight engine autorotation power.
  • ABSU, rudder and flaps depend upon working hydraulic system.

    Communication and Navigation

  • Independent COM1 and COM2 radio, can be turned on/off separately.
  • Independent NAV1 and NAV2. Realistic smooth distance changing. Metering system (nm/km) switching ability. Can be turned on/off separately.
  • Independent two channel ADF1 and ADF2 with ability to display data on RMI. Realistic frequencies. Can be turned on/off separately.

    Additional Features

  • Fully controllable Horizontal Stabilizer (manual and automatic mode).
  • Realistic independent nose-wheel control.
  • Analog clocks with ability to synchronize with simulation time. Time acceleration from 1/256x to 128x.
  • Realistic AUASP.
  • Doppler radar, used for navigation system
  • Advanced sound system in Cockpit View and VirtualCockpit View modes.

    Model Features

  • Dynamic shine
  • Several dynmaic wing views
  • Virtual Cockpit (available in next update)
  • Opening Doors & Cargo doors
  • 3d Flight Attendant in the cabine
  • All normal animations
  • Extended animations (pilot, co-pilot, flight attendant, flight engineer)
  • Custom animations
  • Accurate specifications
  • Highly accurate textures
  • Lighting effects

    Flight Dynamics

  • Created in cooperation of real pilots of Tupolev 154M
  • Tested by 8 independent testers (2 real pilots, 1 flight engineer, 5 simmers)
  • One year of tuning

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